EE98, ER1 Electrical Contractor Test Prep Seminar


Classes are currently available live (with limited availability). If you are not comfortable with in-person classes, click here for our on-demand class.

New Mexico Electrical Engineering Contractor exam prep training is a 3-day course with live instruction. (A fourth day of study in our booklets is highly recommended.)
Licenses: EE89, ER1

3-Day Class Schedule:

Mar 18-20 | Apr 22-24 | May 20-22 | June 24-26

Classes run from 8:30AM-5:30PM. Check-in starts at 8:00.

Complete Book Pack

Includes 2020 NEC*, NEC Tabs, & NMEC
* Classes starting May 2023 will cover the 2020 NEC


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EE98, ER-1 Test Prep Seminar

The EE98, ER-1 Test Prep Seminar is a three day live instructed course. In the course we will highlight the books that are allowed into the seminar. We will also go over the many calculations that are required on the test including:

  • dwelling unit calculations
  • conductor ampacity calculations
  • box fill
  • raceway fill
  • voltage drop
  • motor calculations

In the seminar we will also go over questions and answers that we have been seeing on the exams. We will additionally cover our proven Test Taking Strategies methods.

When you enroll and pay for the class, you will also have access to a special Electrical Calculations pre-course. This will help you to get a head start on studying for the test. Therefore you will be more prepared for success on test day.

In order to obtain an EE-98 license you are required to have four years experience within the last 10 years. The license includes all electrical wiring operating at 5000 volts, nominal, or less. It includes electrical wiring identified in electrical specialty classifications ES-1, ES-2, ES-3 and ES-7. It also includes residential electrical wiring identified in classification ER-1. In addition, you can perform trenching and ductwork associated with classification EL-1.  The license does not include electrical wiring defined in the EL-1 classification other than trenching and duct work as specified above.  With the EE-98 license you may bid and contract as the prime contractor of an entire project provided the electrical contractor’s portion of the contract, based on dollar amount, is the major portion of the contract.

Exam Content:

The EE98 contractors test is a three part exam. The first part is the commercial and industrial portion. The second part is the residential portion. The third part is the specialties portion of the exam. The EE98 exam is considered one of the most difficult electrical exams in the nation and should not be taken lightly.

To view the candidate information bulletin for the EE98 test CLICK HERE.

If you need the Journeyman license instead CLICK HERE for more info.

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 by Aaron Carraher
Long career, would have failed the test

I started my electrical career in 2002 when I was moved into the electrical department at a home improvement store. I have since worked for an electrical lighting contractor, an electrical contractor warehouse, an electrical contractor as an apprentice, acquired an associate's degree in instrumentation/controls/industrial wiring including an entire semester of national electrical code and several years as an electrical technician/electrical engineer for a prominent oil company. I say all that to say this: I would not have been able to pass the EE98 and EE98J exams without the help of Bob at Construction Seminars. This course is a must! If you put in the time and dedication, do exactly what they tell you to do and embrace the test taking will pass the first time!

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