ICC National Contractors Exam Prep

Many people have found this course helpful in preparing for a variety of ICC exams. The course is designed based off of the 2015 IRC and IBC, and is specifically geared towards the following exams:

F12 National Standard Building Contractor
F13 National Standard Residential Building Contractor
F14 National Standard Roofing Contractor

2015 IBC, and IRC are needed for the class.
Online ICC Course

It will also be helpful in preparing for the ICC exams for the 2012 codes:

W12 National Standard Building Contractor
W13 National Standard Residential Building Contractor
W14 National Standard Roofing Contractor

Product Description

ICC National Contractors Exam Prep

This online course is designed to help you prepare for the ICC National Contractor Exam . The ICC test is used in many municipalities across the country.

The course features video instruction, goes over test taking strategies, and will test you along the way on the knowledge you have learned.

To download the Candidate Information Bulletin for the ICC exam CLICK HERE

If you are looking for the New Mexico Contractors exam CLICK HERE


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