MM2 Natural Gasfitting Contractor Test Prep


Classes are currently available live (with limited availability). If you are not comfortable with in-person classes, please call and ask us about on-demand classes.

This two day course features a full day of live instruction, and a second day that has video instruction, as well as a time for self-study.

Class Schedule:

Apr 1-2 | May 6-7 | June 3-4 | July 8-9

Classes run from 8:30AM-6:30PM. Check-in starts at 8:00.

Complete Book Pack for MM-2 includes:
2021 UMC,  IPT Pipe Trades Handbook


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Product Description

The MM2 Gasfitting Test Prep Seminar is a two day course with a mixture of live instruction and self-study. In the course we will highlight the books that are allowed into the seminar. We will also go over the many calculations that are required on the test including:

  • gas pipe sizing
  • combustion air sizing

In the seminar we will also go over questions and answers that we have been seeing on the exams. We will additionally cover our proven Test Taking Strategies methods.

The MM2 Gasfitting license requires four years’ experience.  With the MM2 license you may bid or contract to install, alter, repair, service and maintain natural gas piping and fittings; install hot water heating systems not exceeding 30 p.s.i. or 400,000 b.t.u./hour input; steam and hot water boilers; may connect water to existing valved outlets; warm air heating systems including chimney connections, flues, refractories, burners, fittings valves, thermal insulation, accessories and incidental piping; warm air appliances and other listed gas appliances; incidental controls and control wiring, pneumatic control systems; includes all required excavating, trenching and backfilling. You may not install LP Gas systems.

The MM2 Gasfitting license only allows you to bid and contract the work. In order to perform the work you must also obtain a JG or JPG certification, or employ a certified gasfitting journeyman.

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